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Current LIvestock as of 9/26/06
1 - Blue Damsel                   2 - Frogspawn Coral
1 - False Perc. Clown         1 - Torch Coral
1 - Sailfin Blenny                  1 - Brain Coral (Loboph.)
1 - Cleaner Shrimp              1 - Sea Pen
1 - Peppermint Shrimp        Msc. Polyp Colonies
1 - Blood Shrimp                  Msc. Hermit Crabs  
1 - Abalone 

It all began about five years ago, when I started my first nano-reef.  One day while shopping for miscellanous supplies for my 20 gallon fresh water tank, something spectacular caught my eye while waiting in line at the check out counter.  The store owner had just set up an incredible 7 gallon bow front nano tank.  While watching in awe of the variety of sea life crammed into 7 gallons of salt water, I decided I HAD to get one of these.  A few days later, I was on my way.  Like most new Nano Hobbyists, I suffered the "agony of defeat" well before experiencing the "Thrill of Victory."  The first few months claimed the lives of countless sea creatures.  After learning to exercise some "patients" (important keyword in nano success), I was soon rewarded with healthy group of thriving sea life.  Now, the adventure continues...


What's New?


7/2/07 - New Pictures Added. 


3/24/07 - New articles added, more coming very soon.


10/15/06 - Another New Article Added.  If your pondering whether freshwater or saltwater is right for you, this article provides some pros & cons to both setups


10/5/06 - New article added!  Have you ever had a full blown reef keeping fiasco?  This article provides a few tips on how to avoid and or deal with tank disasters.


10/1/06 - Live webcam finally online.  Click on the "live Webcam" link located on the navigation bar to view live images updated every two minutes.


9/26/06 -  New sponsorer sites added!  If your thinking of buying supplies or livestock online, check out these newly added sites.  After mulling through several prospective sponsors, I've only added those with competitive prices & a good reputation.  If by chance you have a bad experience with any of these sites,  please let me know ASAP and those sites will be promptly removed.

     Also, for the nano reef keeper on a budget, I'm currently in the process of adding more paid survey sites which will be added once I've received payment for surveys I've completed.  As always, only sites that I've actually received payments from will be added to my site.



9/21/06 - New article added.  If you'd like to learn a little more about nano safe livestock (based on my own experience,) check out my new article.  WARNING - Some of the subject matter in this article may be considered controversial among many nano reef keepers. Please remember, all information contained in my articles are based solely on my own experiences.  I welcome any feed back (or possibly hate mail in this case) anyone may have to offer. 


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