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9/18/06 - New photos added to my photo gallery!


9/12/03 - New Sponsor Added!  Click on the link (top of this page) & checkout some awesome deals. 


9/7/06 - New article added.  For those who are interested or have experience fragging Zoo's (polyp coral), I would certainly appreciate your feedback.


9/3/06 - New paid survey sites added.  To check them out, click on the "Need Extra Cash?" link. 


9/2/06 - New article posted!  More to come very soon.


8/27/06 - New pictures added!  Also, I'm working on some new articles I plan to post toward the end of this week.


8/12/06 - Grand Opening!  After much procrastination, my site is finally up & running.  There's still plenty of work to do, but it's a start.  In the mean time, enjoy